Audio Advice

Leon Shaw's store Audio Advice in Raleigh North Carolina is known throughout the high-performance electronics industry as one of the most exclusive and professionally managed and staffed stores in the US -- and possibly the world. The care and attention to detail they have taken in building their store and selecting their product lines is evident even at a glance. US home theater and electronics retailers look to Audio Advice as the paradigm of a successful high-performance entertainment business. Everything from lavish living-room-lifestyle interiors to personalized customer service, to the most sought after high performance products on the market make Audio Advice one of the home entertainment industry's most respected dealerships. Audio Advice's meteoric rise and sustained success have been featured and documented in many trade publications. They are regarded as the example, the model for others to follow in establishing a successful retail business within the home-entertainment industry. The sales staff of Audio Advice independently evaluated Shunyata Research products in 2002. The response from the sales team in the store was unanimous. None had experienced power distribution products that performed with such consistently positive results. Audio Advice's exceptional support and sales over the past six years remains one of Shunyata Research's proudest and most reflected upon accomplishments. Customers who purchased Shunyata products through Audio Advice have uniformly praised their experiences.

All of us at Audio Advice have been impressed with Shunyata Research since our first experience with the Hydra and PowerSnakes cables in 2002. Our initial tests demonstrated marked improvements in image definition and clarity, frequency extension as well as a more natural sound. As time passed, Shunyata have proven their expertise by not only continuing to produce quality products, but also fundamentally improving and refining their performance. We strongly recommend Shunyata Power products to our clients seeking the finest performance from their audio/video systems.Brandon Lauer, Retail Manager: Audio Advice
Audio Connection

Audio Connection is unquestionably New Jersey's oldest and most respected high-performance audio-video retailer. Owner John Rutan spent many years carefully selecting the most exclusive and sought after electronics lines on the market. Audio Connection only considers supporting the finest performing products in each category and carefully screens out products that do not come with blue chip distribution, support and performance as their strengths.

Audio Connection was told about Shunyata Research products by several electronics manufacturers and entertained a complete system trial. The results were so overwhelming that Audio Connection is now the exclusive New Jersey dealer for Shunyata products. Audio Connection has a well earned place in the US as one of Shunyata Research's finest dealers.

Audio Visions SF

What began 15 years ago as a maverick high-end retail operation has turned into the Bay Areas' premier high-performance audio and video retail establishment -- one any manufacturer of high-performance home entertainment products would love to have as their regional retailer. Located in the heart of San Francisco, Audio Visions represents the core tenets of what makes the best high-end industry's retail stores a success -- great personal service, a never ending passion for music and a true commitment to value in serving their customers best interests.

Audio Vision's principle owners and sales team were referred to Shunyata Research products by electronics manufacturers Balanced Audio Technology and Bel Canto, both of whom use and endorse Shunyata products. After extensive in house testing and comparisons Audio Visons quickly became and remains one of Shunyata Research's favorite and most active US retailers.

Dallas Audio Concepts

Audio Concepts has been Dallas' premier high-end home entertainment retailer for over 25 years. They are one of the most sought after dealers in Texas because of their exceptional reputation, strong product lines and years of experience. Competition among manufacturers to earn a place for their products within Audio Concepts is fierce. Very few products are selected in each category because the store prides themselves on carrying only the very best products.

Shunyata products were recommended to Audio Concepts by one of the industry's finest electronics manufacturers, Audio Research. After running exhaustive trials at home and in the store, Shunyata products were adopted as the store's power distribution references. The obvious performance benefits they offered within the Audio Concepts finest systems have made Shunyata Research products a favorite demonstration at the store.

Goodwins High End Audio

Minutes outside of Boston Massachusetts, Goodwins is one of the industry's oldest and most respected audio/video dealerships. Owner Alan Goodwin and his staff have one of the Northeast's largest and most lavish showroom spaces at their disposal. Their staff's collective experience, knowledge and superior customer service earned them their Legend status as one of the most accomplished and professional retailers in the business. It took four years and multiple visits for Shunyata Research to earn an opportunity for a product evaluation at this venerable retailer. The wait proved worthwhile as Goodwins has become one of Shunyata Research products most outspoken advocates, and our exclusive Massachusetts retailer.

In our reference rooms, Shunyata Research HYDRA's and HELIX power cables have removed noise and increased music involvement to astonishing levels!Paul Chambers, System Designer/Store Manager: Goodwins High End Audio
Ne Plus Ultra

Appropriately located within a Historic Landmark building in Austin Texas, Ne Plus Ultra is true to its name. Only the most exclusive, top performing products in the high-end audio market need apply. Owner Casey Mckee has invested his 30 years of high-end retail experience into one of the country's only dedicated high-end two-channel music and sound stores. Ne Plus Ultra places an extreme emphasis on personalized customer service, home system set up and one of the world's finest audio showrooms. Ne Plus showcases and displays a select and inspiring collection of the most coveted and respected electronic and speaker lines on the market.

Despite significant skepticism, Casey Mckee was convinced to evaluate Shunyata Research products in 2003. After multiple trials in some of the most expensive systems, all skepticism was removed. Ne Plus Ultra has been using, endorsing and selling Shunyata Research products as part their recommended reference systems for the past five years.

Overture Audio

Owner Terry Menaker's reputation as one of the most discerning high-performance film and sound system retailers in the United States is well earned. His store, Overture Audio, represents only the most exclusive and credible lines of electronics in the market. With lines like Wilson Audio, Audio Research, Spectral, B&W and Macintosh it is obvious Overture has its pick of the market in each product category. In 2005, Shunyata Research products were carefully evaluated and compared before being selected as the premium high-performance power distribution product line for the entire store. Shunyata Research products continue to enjoy that exclusive position today despite intense competition from countless similar lines trying to find a retail home at one of the finest and most sought after stores on the east coast.

Adding Shunyata Research HYDRA and power cords to our reference system was a revelation in improved performance! Amazing products for both audio and video!Terry Menacker, Owner: Overture Audio
Stereo Unlimited

The city's longest running home-entertainment store, Stereo Unlimited, is nestled in the heart of downtown San Diego. Owner Bruce Hiemburg will agree that his custom install business has grown over the years, and that sales of home theaters are brisk, but clearly his, and the store's heart and soul remains committed to the faithful reproduction of music and all its forms. The store even commits significant retail space to vinyl LP's so that music enthusiasts can relax, listen to music and look over thousands of available LP releases.

Needless to say, Stereo Unlimited is extremely selective about which product lines they support and it shows. Their line list reads like a who's who of great analog, digital, tube and solid state electronics brands.

Because of the store owners 30 years of experience and technical background it took no more than a brief look over Shunyata Research's product range and their technology to convince him to become a new dealer for Shunyata Research back in 2002. Stereo Unlimited has remained one of Shunyata Research's most committed and best selling retailers ever since. Top