Parts and Materials Document now available from Shunyata Research

Shunyata Research is proud to announce the release of a document that examines the unique concepts, measurements and custom-designed parts that have lead our universal success in the recording, medical and consumer industries. Very few companies take the time to explain their point of view, or detail the parts and technologies that make up their products. Not only has Shunyata Research published the patents that play a critical role in obtaining an objectively superior result; we also explain the role of measurement in developing an entire series of purpose-made parts, many of which are photo-documented here for the first time.

Click here to download the PDF of the complete guide to all that has contributed to the success of Shunyata Research’s power-distribution systems.



Eight Products Appear in The Absolute Sound 2016 High-End Audio Buyer's Guide

The Absolute Sound Magazine included eight products in their 2016 High-End Audio Buyer's Guide. The products in their Buyer's Guide represent what they consider the best in audiophile products for 2016. The selections are:

Hydra Triton V2 power distributor pg. 244
Hydra DPC-6 power distributor pg. 244
Venom PS8 power distributor pg. 244
Venom Defender surge protector pg. 244
Anaconda Interconnects and speaker cables pg. 256
Alpha HC and Alpha Digital Power Cables pg. 264




The AudioBeat Reviews Sigma Power Cords

 tab logoAugust, 2015. AudioBeat reviewer Vance Hiner writes a comprehensive review of the SIGMA Model power cords, including the SIGMA HC (High-Current), SIGMA ANALOG and SIGMA DIGITAL model. Vance’s careful review reflects the experience reported by industry professionals, studios and customers who have been tested SIGMA power cords measurable effect on noise and system performance. Vance’s comment that the SIGMA power cord system is a “...transformative component.” accurately reflects the performance they bring to both the professional and audio field. 

Read for yourself and better, try one or more of the SIGMA power cords in any top-performing system. Even one SIGMA model power cord will do more than earn its place, they will elevate the entire system to performance levels you may not have though possible.

Click on the link: The Audiobeat Reviews Shunyata's Sigma Power Cable